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19th Apr 2018, 12:58 AM


Just want to start off with a tldr. I'm still working on the comic.

I made a blog post about this but I got to thinking, this was a better way to reach you guys.

To go in a little detail, I've done a lot of moving and re-situating myself that getting to updates has screeched to a halt. I want to apologize for that.

However, i've been putting in work on page progression, setting up thumbnails, and working with my style inbetween work, moving, etc..

I knew going into this, keeping a stable update schedule was out of the question. Life throws some hard hooks and all you can do is take the punches.

In spite of that, i've made pretty good headway in regard to my comic. I'll most likely update paper renders of pages to come. The reason for that

is that I'm without my hardware for the time being. It can be pretty jarring to go from full color to pencil and paper but i've decided, it's best to

release these pages than to wait forever and a half to redraw them digitally. Expect a drop in overall quality; i'll do my best to touch up the pages

as much as I can.

On another note, updates are still a ways away. It's taken a few months to come back to drawing regularly and to get back into the style I was

shooting for. That and essentially having to redraw some pages that were otherwise done and ready to publish prior to moving. I can't give much

of a definite "when" but i'll have them up as soon as I can. This story has come such a long way from its initial writings, i've been itching to

upload more for you guys. It can be tough to keep your head in the game with a webcomic, something I wasn't ready for. But I think after

80 or so pages, i'd burnt myself out, without time to recover. This time 'round, I'm going to try and set break periods where I don't even touch

any aspect of Project: Seraphim, both for myself and for the life blood of the comic. I've got high in the sky, apple pie hopes, this will

alleviate the deadzone of updates and artblocks.

Lastly, I want to apologize again. Webcomics have a bad rep of becoming dead in the water and I'm trying my best not to add my comic to

the list. I just wanted to let those of you who read and are interested in the story of what's happening.

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